Frequently Asked Questions

Restaurateurs, & Culinary Craftspeople need to consider

  • The best way maintain consistent flavor profiles in their meals
  • The ever changing market trends and new regulations
  • Not having product available on a timely basis
  • Buying at a competitive price.

When Columbus sought a simpler spice route:

He sailed with 90-crew, on three ships, for two months filled with sickness, exhaustion and famine.  Today, you do not need to be overwhelmed with the journey of seeking the source for spices.  Harbor Spice has done it for you.  If you are ready to make a commitment to fine quality spices here are the questions you should ask to ensure you are investing your money and time wisely.

When we consider spice suppliers, what questions should we be asking ourselves?

Spice consultants should be able to maintain confidentiality of your proprietary information and respond to your requirements for technical information in a clear and precise manner. Can your supplier provide the materials you need to assure you are up to date with all the industry regulations and standards that are necessary for compliance?

We’re considering alternate or comparable products.  How do we know what is best for us?

Our experience shows us that the results from spice “extreme-fad-flavors” don’t last.  Choose a spice consultant that offers on-going research and development that will match the profile of your targeted market and one that has the technical resources to meet the current needs and provide recommendations toward future growth.

How can we get a product that is consistent, not always changing?

Ask the consulting company if they provide a blended product that is consistent with every batch.  Mother nature can be variable depending on the harvest conditions and field nutrients. Your supplier needs to understand those standards and have the capability to control them so your product delivers the flavor you want every time.

What about product availability.  Don’t spices have harvest issues?

Yes, make sure that the consulting company holds themselves accountable to specific measurable standards linked to raw material assessment mechanisms in place to benchmark and chart product performance.  Ask for the results or product development samples in order to ensure a good fit with your established goals.

What role does food safety play in this process?

Your supplier must be trained and certified in Good Manufacturing Practices as prescribed by the FDA.  Furthermore, with all the constant changes in food regulations you should ask them if they are registered and certified by an independent third party auditor who measures and scores their level of knowledge, performance, and documentations regarding Food Safety Standards.

How can we avoid being charged too much for too little quality?

Spices and Peppers are commodities like stocks and bonds.  They fluctuate in process based on worldwide trends on a daily basis. You need to make sure your consultant works with a team of brokers that manages future positions in the global market so your quality and price are not short changed with inferior substitutes that can be painful in many ways!

The Harbor Spice Experience

Although locally owned, Harbor Spice utilizes sources and raw materials from around the globe.  We have been supplying flavors to the food industry for more that a quarter of the last century and all of this one.

Our company specializes in unique proprietary blends of select spices. We have more than 25 years technical experience in spice and seasoning blends, and all these years gave us time to evolve into what we are today. Our philosophy has always been to make you the freshest product by small, weekly batch manufacturing to ensure you the highest quality spices for your cooking needs. We import spices from countries of origin which have the highest recommendations for premium quality. Often, we offer several selections of origin so that you can sample the subtle variations and decide upon your own personal preference.

Our modern manufacturing plant takes great pride in personal service and exceptional quality consistency. Please contact our Sales or Technical Staff with any culinary or flavor questions!

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